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The Atlanta DMA, an Excellent Choice for Advertisers Targeting the African American Population 05/17/2007
The Atlanta DMA is an excellent market for advertisers targeting African Americans. Below are some details regarding this market that may provide useful in building marketing campaigns targeting this group. Atlanta’s African-American Population: Demographics - Median age 25.1 years - 53.6% female, 46.4% male - African-Americans represent: o 25% of total population of SMSA (what is SMSA?) o 67% of total population of the City of Atlanta Education - Of African-Americans aged 25 years and over: o 55.2% graduated high school o 24.0% completed at least 1-3 years of college o 11.4% completed 4 or more years of college Financial - Of the African-American labor force aged 16 years and over: o 906% are employed o 15.2% managers and professional (compared to 6% nationally) o 28.3% technical, sales and administrative support (compared to 18% nationally) - 24.7% of all African-American Households have incomes of $20,000 and above - Mean family income is $15,596 Transportation - Of all African-American occupied housing units: o 70.1% have at least one vehicle o 32.3% have 2 or more vehicles o 9.2% have 3 or more vehicles - The majority of African-American workers drive alone and work in the City of Atlanta - Mean travel time is 29.5 minutes Source: U.S. Census
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