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Weight Watchers Magazine

Weight Watchers Magazine is the trusted source for 10.4 million readers who are ready to make changes to their attitudes, bodies, and lives. The magazine continues to evolve and report on the latest breaking news-health/beauty, fitness, nutrition, relationships, and overall lifestyles. Weight Watchers Magazine addresses the total package-a lifestyle magazine that celebrates a new kind of lifestyle and offers an editorial environment that enables readers to take ideas from the pages and make them their own.Weight Watchers Magazine is primarily mailed to subscribers and sold through single sales channels as well.


Category:Consumer Magazines
Delivery:Mailed to Subscribers
Avg Circ:1,250,000
Frequency:6 X Year
Buy by:National
Name List Mailing:   Yes
Broadcast Mailing:   No


Average Income:$63,898
Average Age:49
Percent Female:77%
Health, Women
Cooking, Oversized Insert and Sample Channel