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Southern Living Magazine

Southern Living Magazine is a publication that reaches today's South like no other magazine. Its readers are native Southerners, or people who once lived in the South and want to keep updated on the latest styles that are unique to this region. Southern Living addresses the bond between the South's traditional and cosmopolitan attitudes, while marketing itself as the definitive lifestyle guide for the ever-changing South. With a rate base of 2,800,000 with each issue, and the magazine mailing thirteen times per year, the opportunities to reach potential customers, whether through on-page (full or half page) or insert advertising, are endless.


Category:Consumer Magazines
Delivery:Mailed to Subscribers plus rack sales
Avg Circ:2,800,000
Frequency:13 X Year
Buy by:National
Name List Mailing:   Yes
Broadcast Mailing:   No


Average Income:$73,485
Average Age:52
Percent Female:78%
Cooking, Home D├ęcor, Real Estate