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Top 20 Newspapers

Top 20 Newspapers: Picking the top 20 newspapers to test in the U.S. is no small task. For advertisers that do not have a history of testing inserts in newspapers, we recommend a specific panel of papers and test strategy. This list of Echo Media’s Top 20 Mainstream Newspapers has been developed to address the following testing criteria for advertisers: An initial test should address the following items: Provide a cross section of market characteristics to include 50% A & B county (metro) papers and 50% C & D county (rural) papers. Advertisers often find that responses can be different from metro and rural counties. Ensure that a variety of newspaper sizes is tested. Echo Media recommends a variety of newspapers that range from less than 10,000 subscribers to over one million subscribers. Provide strongly negotiated rates. At Echo Media we negotiate off rate card to ensure the best return on investment for our clients.

Program Name Circulation Short Description