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Reach Seniors in Orange County, California 02/04/2008
The Seal Beach Leisure World News annual directory, called the Navigator, is a great way to reach the senior marketplace of California. Seal Beach Leisure World is a gated retirement community in the northwest corner of Orange County. It was the first retirement community of its type, founded in the early 1960s, and is the prototype for those that have followed. Close to 10,000 residents occupy nearly 7,000 co-op homes and condos. Leisure World accounts for about one-half the households and one-third the population of the entire city of Seal Beach. The directory is 100% door-to-door delivered in February of each year. Copies are also given to all new tenants for the entire year. This provides a great opportunity to reach a consecrated group of seniors. Advertisers can take advantage of full-, half- and quarter-page advertising space.
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