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The Military - The #1 Industry in El Paso 08/12/2009
1. More than 1,000 new military personnel (plus families) are relocated to El Paso every month with an average three- to five-year stay. 2. More than $76 million is paid in salaries every month to military and civilian employees, with an economic impact to El Paso of $1.7 billion annually. 3. Military employees have above average income for El Paso. Because of the many benefits they receive, the military and their families have a great deal of disposable income. 4.Most of the officers and trainers stay in El Paso for at least four years. They buy homes, furniture, appliances, automobiles, etc. 5. There are 85,649 cars registered at Fort Bliss. The military and their families are very mobile and live all over the city; approximately 22,000 live off post. 6. German Air Force personnel and their families, as well as military personnel from 103 other countries, come to Fort bliss for training. They are interested in touring the southwest and buying articles they do not have in their countries. 7.New troops are arriving from Germany and Korea with families, and many more are expected at Fort Bliss: combat brigade, artillery, aviation and other support units for the 1st Armored, adding up to 30,000 more troops & civilians. Source: Laven Publishing Group
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