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Brazilian Community in the U.S. Taps into the Market with Gazeta Brazilian News 08/20/2009
According to the Brazilian government and corporations like ATT, TAM and Western Union, officially, there are 1.5 million Brazilians living in the United States and they have the highest per capita percentage of money transfer, incredibly in front of the Mexicans that have more than 10 times the amount of people living in this Country. Florida has the second biggest Brazilian community in the whole Country with more than 270,000 residents forming a massive representation on the south Florida economy. Total number of Brazilians in principal states – 1,306,000 Total number in other states – 194,000 General Total: 1,500,000 Echo Media works with a large number of niche market publications, allowing you one-stop shop whether you are trying to reach Brazilians, Puerto Ricans or Germans living in the U.S.
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