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Direct Marketing and Small Business Provide a Perfect Pairing 06/03/2004
Since the majority of small business owners are interested in expanding their organizations, increasing growth and productivity and supporting their employees, they are open to offers of all types of products and services to help them accomplish their goals, and direct marketing provides a perfect way to reach this time- and cost-conscious audience. Small business owners want straightforward, information-packed messages that let them know exactly how the product or service can benefit them. They don’t have the time or resources to waste wading through generic offers, so marketers should follow a few guidelines in order to create the most effective message for this market. To reach small business owners most effectively, direct marketers should offer on-line accessibility, keep the message direct and free from fluff and provide one point of contact to fully integrate services. Small business owners also need to know specifically what the product or service can do for them, so marketers should use straightforward selling techniques that tell this audience how the product or service will boost sales, strengthen their business, offer support to their employees, or save them money. By following these simple guidelines, small business owners and direct marketers should find a fruitful partnership that proves to be beneficial for both parties.
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