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Al Borde Delivers Young Hispanic Music Lovers to Advertisers 02/24/2005
Al Borde reaches the greater Los Angeles Hispanic market. It is a free, bi-weekly publication focusing on Latin alternative rock and pop music. It is distributed in over 1,200 locations, with a circulation of 20,000 every 15 days. Al Borde is the only Latin alternative media in the U.S. that has audited circulation. It is unique from other print media outlets because it offers a variety of promotional opportunities to reach young Latinos in a format that they can relate to. Al Borde Readers are young Latinos (ages 14-40) of which 95% are high school graduates. 83% are bilinguals, and they come for various Hispanic roots. This unique access to the Hispanic youth market is a perfect channel for testing Direct Response offers to a defined Spanish-speaking age group. Echo Media works with a wide variety of Spanish language publications throughout the United States, from newspapers to sampling opportunities.
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