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Rop Production FAQs

Run of paper or run of press. This denotes advertising that appears within the newspaper itself (as opposed to inserts or blow-ins).
The area that is one column wide by one inch deep.
One color other than black (generally not cyan, magenta or yellow).
A newspaper about half the page size of a standard section.
A full-sized newspaper page. The page is usually 21.5 inches deep and 13.5 inches wide, and normally has six columns of ROP display advertising.
No, the width of a column can vary from broadsheet to broadsheet, and since tabloids are different widths than broadsheets, the column widths will be different. The most common width of a broadsheet column is 2.063," while the most common tabloid column is 2.6" wide.
There is no standard line screen or DPI for newspaper ads. However,85 lines/inch and 100 lines/inch are most popular screens.
Dots Per Inch. A measurement for linear addressability of an output device, such as a laser printer, or an input device, such as a recorder.
Cost per inch. This unit is used to measure the cost of ROP advertising.
Multiply the number of columns by the depth of the newspaper.