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Fishing Your Way 02/10/2009
Target a variety of fishermen: from fly fishing to shallow water fishing, there is a magazine that will help you reach that consumer. These magazines provide cutting edge information on fishing techniques and gear. Whether you are new to fishing or a veteran, these magazines provide insight and tips along with all of the latest fishing spots and consumer goods.
Fishing magazines target:
  • Higher income consumers: over $100,000
  • Boat owners 60%
  • People who fish over 40 days a year

  • Take a look at what is available:
  • Fly Fishing in Salt Waters
  • Shallow Water Angler
  • American Angler
  • Fly Tyer
  • Eastern Fly Fishing
  • Northwest Fly Fishing
  • In-Fisherman
  • In-Fisherman Walleye In-Sider
  • The Fisherman
  • Fly Rod and Reel
  • Musky Hunter
  • Load more +