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Hispanics Have Impressive Buying Power & Spending Habits – Reach them Using HOY 06/09/2009
Hispanic households spend more on groceries, telecom, gas and motor oil, children’s clothing and footwear. Compared to the general market, Hispanics spend about the same proportion on restaurants, alcoholic beverages, housekeeping supplies, furniture, appliances, women’s clothing, and personal products and services. Hoy reaches nearly one million adult, 18 plus readers each week. Nearly all Hoy readers are of Hispanic descent and the majority is Spanish-dominant or bilingual. Hoy covers two major Hispanic markets: Chicago and Los Angeles.
  • 1.9 million Hispanics
  • 474,000 Hispanic households
  • 62,000 (M-Th); 100,000 (F) distribution
  • Free
  • Fin de Semana weekend, address-specific, home-delivered, 300,000 distribution, zone by zip
  • Preprints: Thur, Fri, Weekend
    Los Angeles:
  • 7.9 million Hispanics
  • 1.9 million Hispanic households
  • 75,000 (M-Th); 145,000 (F) distribution
  • Free
  • Fin de Semana weekend, address-specific, home-delivered, 500,000 distribution, zone by zip/sub-zip
Echo Media can help you reach Los Angeles and Chicago, or any other U.S. DMA through its Hispanic newspaper network. Preprints: Friday & Weekend Source: Selig Center for Economic Growth, The Multicultural Economy report, 2008 Synovate.
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