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Carrefour Floride - A French Newspaper and a Magazine at the Same Time 03/23/2011

Carrefour Floride is a free, monthly, color magazine, and at the same time, an evasion for the spirit! Easy to refer to, CARREFOUR FLORIDE wants to be near its readers and beneficial to its advertisers. CARREFOUR FLORIDE is also its multiple reporting to the discovery of Florida and other neighboring exotic destinations for all ages. Always in wait of local news, it will be pertinent to offer to its readers a detailed choice of useful information about where to go, as well as many seasonal activities. Without forgetting exclusive reporting on some personalities playing an important role in the midst of the French community in Florida. CARREFOUR FLORIDE rejoins and informs those who live and who come with a solid content based on what they want. And mostly, CARREFOUR FLORIDE responds to the needs of its advertisers, in its distribution, as well as in its contents. Each year about 550,000 French visitors around the world come to southeast Florida for the season. After the beaches, the attractions are the second choice. The French visitors spend about 10 to 30 hours at the different attractions.

Echo Media works with programs targeting snowbirds in Florida, as well as programs in Quebec.

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