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Echo Digital is the Perfect Complement to Print Marketing 09/21/2015

Echo Digital is the newest addition of Echo Media’s services. Echo Digital is the forefront of our digital marketing campaign designed to offer our clients another avenue to reach potential customers in addition to utilizing print services. Our digital branch provides a broad range of electronic solutions including web design and digital marketing.  For years, print media has been the foundation of marketing, reaching millions of people on a daily basis swiftly and inexpensively. Our highly trained team will bring these standards to your company through a new and innovative method that focuses on getting to your target audience swiftly and effortlessly.


We provide work with SMS marketing, website development, Search Engine Optimization and Marketing (SEO and SEM), and paid media. To compliment all of your print buys, Echo offers a full range of paid digital media buys as well. You select your demographics and budget and we will craft a digital marketing plan that is perfectly targeted to you audience. Benefits of SMS Marketing include immediate opt-in and opt-out, a 95% read rate, and reaching candidates who have voluntarily given their phone number to receive offers and alerts.   At Echo Digital, we can customize your plan to meet your individual needs as a company. This service is designed to be the most efficient and useful digital plan you can get. It can be created and designed around your target demographic, edited to send out relevant texts to your customers and tailored keywords for your coupons. We also offer unlimited texting plans through our MobileTextPay feature with our partner, State of Text.


State of Text joined Echo Digital and retained for $2.6 million by "MTP" to launch in 30 days. Our SMS Mobile Wallet bridges the gap of smart phones and feature phones for payment solutions. Without needing an app, your payment needs and solutions are sent via SMS and all virtual community accounts are loaded via ACH Debit or preferred credit card. Our “UID” unique ID stamping process enables your cell phone to be tagged and identified by our system with both your cell phone number and a UID upon the opt-in process, thus making a 3rd layer to 2F Security.


MobileTextPay was established with the knowledge that conventional enterprise banking is not keeping pace with the need for access, improved capabilities, and adaptive technology. MobileTextPay‘s advanced and fully-compliant financial services payments platform and database system is a new and novel means of facilitating commerce.


MobileTextPay, Inc. is a data processing technology company that offers payment solutions and financial management to members of MobileTextPay. We enable members to engage in payments, operate their business and engage in payment collection, as an extension of them, to ensure needs are met or exceeded.


For more information on our Digital platform, visit or contact Stacey Reece at 770.955.3535 x 115.

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