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Consumer Packaged Goods Marketers Take Notice: Ad Inserts Drive Women into the Store 07/01/2004
A recent study by Vertis revealed that 71 percent of the female chief grocery shoppers, responsible for 60% or more of household grocery shopping, who read advertising inserts plan their grocery shopping based upon the items advertised in inserts or circulars. In fact, 28% of the total adults surveyed indicated that inserts and circulars are the media that most greatly influence their buying decisions, surpassing television as the most influential media for grocery shoppers. Additionally, 84% of women indicated that they have read the Sunday advertising inserts within the past seven days, 69% of women indicated that they had read an advertising insert in the weekday newspaper in the last seven days and 21% of women indicated that they read all available advertising inserts or circulars. An age group that should be of particular interest to consumer packaged goods advertisers is the women of Generation X - those born between 1965 and 1976 - since 48% of the women who regularly read advertising inserts reported that they regularly use the coupons that they receive from grocery advertising inserts or circulars.
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