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Hispanic Magazines Make an Impact on the Market 10/05/2006
Recently, the Magazine Publishers of America released the findings of their latest Synovate Study and the findings validate advertising to Hispanics through the magazine channel. The study concluded that 85% of Hispanics read magazines, and 73% say magazine advertising gives them good ideas about what to buy (compare that to the general market, which comes in at only 48%). Additionally, 80% say magazine advertising provides useful information about new products (general market = 70%) and 50% of Hispanics are more likely to buy products advertised in Hispanic-oriented magazines vs. general market magazines. These findings lead us to conclude that Hispanics read magazines and are influenced by them, they engage with them, use them for social connection, aspiration and cultural relevance; and Hispanics trust magazines, share them, and even base purchasing decisions on what they see in them. Based on these results, advertisers should take notice when developing their Hispanic media plans and make sure that magazines are heavily in the mix.
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