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Reaching Grandparents through List Rental 06/02/2009
For advertisers looking to reach the lucrative audience of Grandparents, there is no easier way to achieve this than through list rental. Many catalogers offer complete lists of known grandparents for advertisers to rent (i.e. Woman Within Grandparents List and Oxmoor House Seniors & Grandparents List). These lists consist of people who are known to buy products from catalogs or online who have identified themselves as grandparents. Another option for advertisers to consider in the list arena is compiled lists of grandparents (i.e. Catholic Grandparents) – these lists have been put together based on information known about the lifestyles of the people on the list and can be an effective way to reach a larger audience of grandparents. Targeting Grandparents through list rental can be especially effective because of how easily lists can be carved up to encompass other demographics such as income levels, geographic locations, and many other factors that advertisers can use to make sure that the pieces they are mailing out are reaching the most qualified prospect lists. Echo Media can identify the best prospective lists of Grandparents for your next direct mail campaign.
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