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2010 Census: Areas with highest percentage of children 10/14/2013

New Mothers spend an average of $13,000 on products and services within the first year of their child’s life. Film & Film Processing, Portraits, Book Clubs, Health-Related Products, Weight Loss, Self-Improvement and Children’s Products are some of the items new mothers are purchasing. Echo Media offers opportunities in programs that reach new moms in both pre- and post-natal settings. Name list programs include magazines and co-op envelopes. Sampling programs, which are distributed through hospitals, physician’s offices, child birth education centers and through direct targeting are also available.

Using 2010 census information on  high indexing zip-codes, a new group of media vehicles are created to expand this target demo. Overlaying zip, county or state level census data on presence of children in the household, media buys can be created to target young families using programs such as Newspapers, TMC, Shoppers, and wraps, converting these programs from saturation buys to targeted zip level programs.

Example of Census information pulled via County for presence of children under 5 years:

2010 County Census information on children

Top media programs reaching New Mothers:

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