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Spotlight: Hispanic


Echo Media offers excellent access to the Hispanic marketplace through numerous media channels. These programs provide a cost-efficient way to successfully target the continuously growing Hispanic population. From Spanish Language Newspapers to Co-op Envelope and Sampling Programs, these publications are sure to capture the attention of the Hispanic audience.

Spotlight: Shoppers


Echo Media's Shopper Network consists of shoppers that target metropolitan cities, as well as rural towns. These digest-size publications carry both local and national advertisers in the form of inserts, run-of-press ads, and detached address cards.

Spotlight: Senior


Seniors are one of the largest demographic segments in America, making up 21% of the total population. According to the 2003 Erdos & Morgan Readership Research Study, adults in the 50 plus age range represent 37% of the adult population and will grow to 45% in the next 11 years. This audience controls $1.6 trillion in spending power and 80% of the individual wealth in the United States.

Spotlight: Magazines - Market Specific


Throughout the United States, there are a growing number of magazine titles that are positioned for a specific state or market. These are subscriber-based consumer magazines that reach a defined customer base, and thus, represent an excellent opportunity for an advertiser with less than national scope to test the magazine channel. State- and market-level magazines cover a variety of topics from city-specific business, lifestyle and dining, to decorating publications.

Spotlight: Military


Echo Media has an array of print media vehicles that target active United States military personnel and their families, stationed throughout the country and overseas, as well as to retired military personnel. Through a multitude of programs, advertisers can market their message to these popular consumers.

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Echo Media is your one-stop, full service print media agency. Our knowledge and experience coupled with 13,587 print media vehicles enable us to provide our clients with the most efficient, cost-effective marketing opportunities that build brands and grow business. Whether targeting niche market segments or saturating markets on a broad scale level, we help Direct Response, Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods and Brand marketers successfully reach their targets, increase response rates and maximize return on investment.

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